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Nature is part of our identity. It includes an understanding of nature and everything it is made up of. Unfortunately, with the innovative busy life, we sometimes forget about the simplicity our body and skin may need to balance the overwhelming and adjust to today's world. Our skin care is as important as a healthy diet, hydration, and less stress and it does talk to us by showing changes on the surface.

Dry, irritated, and sensitive skin is becoming now more common than ever before. We all are trying our best to be good for our skin and body. But what if nothing seems to work? The solution we found for our skin was to reduce the skincare products to the most important and go for natural ingredients. You would be surprised how we can help our skin by only reducing the mixture of products we have on the shelf and choosing simple ingredients which were used for centuries. 


  Less, most of the time means more!

                                                                                              Pure Avva

Our story

My interest in natural skincare started in 2019 and the result today is the creation of my brand Pure Avva.

Back then I was struggling with my sensitive skin. I didn't know what to do, my skin was dull, flaky, and itchy and I could not find the solution for my condition. I was trying everything, all sorts of different products, and nothing helped. My husband also was suffering from acne and it was hard to fight back as nothing worked. So one day we decided to put all products on one side and started from the beginning. The first thing we did was replace the shower gel with natural soap. Then we bought natural face and body cream and natural deodorant. I know it sounds as easy but not knowing then what I know now changed our lives.

The chemicals which we had in our everyday products (aluminium, SLS, propylene glycol, and many more) affected our skin and since these products are removed from our 'diet' we got great results.

My husband has minimized his acne to almost nothing and my face feels hydrated and the redness has disappeared. After the whole research, I have done during all these past years and learned about ingredients so much it got me to think why don't I try to create my cleansing bars where I can choose the actual ingredients myself? And there I was, starting with my projects and doing formula after formula, and finally got my best and the most effective end products. We are so happy that we can introduce to you our beautiful and natural body cleansers as well as other amazing products. Hope you will like it as much as we do. All products can be purchased in travel-approved sizes and are easy to apply. There are so many benefits to these naturally-based products. Once you try it you will not regret it. Your skin will thank you with glowing results!



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