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Choosing our skincare products -

Updated: Mar 4

Buying skincare products this day is not as easy as it should be or it could be. Probably not everyone is coming to shops like me and checking every single ingredient but I believe there are quite a few of you who do. So coming from a different angle how would you feel when reading a book or article and not understanding a word of it? Wouldn’t you be frustrated?! I know I was years ago before I learned how to read the ‘bible’ of ingredients. Having sensitive skin since I can remember I was always checking the ingredients as unfortunately sometimes even when at the front products are worded ‘for sensitive skin’ is not always the case. It might be one ingredient that does not work with me and my skin will be irritated, itchy, and so on. I did learn over the years what does work with my skin and what doesn’t but I had to ‘translate’ each ingredient and find out what the purpose was in there always checked the side effects first rather than jumping straight to benefits.

But, wouldn’t be just easier if the product had a simple and clear understanding of what is in it? With our busy lifestyles, we don’t usually have time or patience to check every single product. Also, it is not necessarily that there need to be 20 ingredients in one product.

Simple cleansing products have one function - to clean and wash our skin. They are not lying on our skin like cream or deodorant, they are simply for cleansing the surface of our body. We need something which will do the job but without stripping our skin’s natural oils and disrupting the pH balance. Alcohol and harsh chemicals like sodium laureth sulfate will be the first two to avoid in your cleansing products!

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