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Sensitive Skin - Back to Basics

Updated: Mar 4

When it comes to sensitive skin, less is more.

Cutting back might be your solution to healthier-looking skin.

Start with avoiding fragrances in your daily skincare routine. Research shows that fragrances in skincare products are one of the main causes of skin conditions like redness, acne, and inflammation.

Be gentle, and avoid harsh cleansers, scrubs, loofahs, and other products that could potentially irritate you. Treat your skin like a newborn baby as this is the easiest and most delicate way.

Avoid chemical ingredients as unfortunately, they are affecting our skin the most. Check what is affecting your skin while using any of your regular products. Use one product for a few days and then check another one so you will have a clear vision of which one can be the one.

Protect yourselves from harmful UV rays as they can damage your skin so wear a hat and sunglasses and look for a safe SPF protector. Make sure the sunscreen is unscented and naturally based.

Remember also to hydrate your body as this will let your skin be more nourished and prepared for external factors. Our body needs to function properly from the inside first for the skin to look healthy and then with the help of natural simple skincare get even more glowing.

Be good to your body and be even better to your skin, they deserve it!

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